Review Policy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my review policy! :)

First up, welcome to my blog! I hope you like what you see.

I'm not a professional reviewer. I'm a book blogger and I read and review books because I love reading and sharing my thoughts about various books! Nothing gives me more pleasure than gushing about a book I love! Of course, if I don't like a particular book, I'm going to state why in a constructive manner with no author bashing.

My reviews contain:
  • book title
  • author
  • picture of the cover
  • summary (usually from goodreads)
  • my honest thoughts about the book: which usually includes what I loved, what I didn't love, thoughts about the characters and writing style, parts that gripped me and sometimes, thoughts about the ending (with no spoilers whatsoever). I may also talk about the cover!
  • publication date *
  • publisher *
  • source *
  • rating (out of 5 stars) **
* newly added (cannot be found in my older reviews)

** I go with my gut when it comes to ratings! Even if a book has a few minor flaws, if it feels complete and leaves me feeling satisfied overall I may give it 5 stars. Similarly, if I feel like there's something missing overall, it might get only 4 or 4.5 stars despite being perfect in other aspects.

5 stars- Perfection! I LOVED it.
4 stars- It was great. You should definitely read it.
3 stars- It wasn't perfect but it was good.
2 stars- It wasn't great.
1 star- It was horrible. (I haven't given any book a 1 star rating so far. It has to be really bad and unreadable to get a 1 star rating)

Genres that I prefer:

on books! is a Young Adult-centric blog. It will mainly feature reviews of YA novels. With regards to YA sub-genres I love contemporary, paranormal romance, historical, dystopian and post-apocalyptic YA. I am still open to other sub-genres, be it fantasy or steam punk but I'm a little pickier when it comes to the sub-genres not mentioned.

 I also review chic lit. I review fewer chic lit novels but I enjoy reading them as much and will review chic lit as and when I get the opportunity to!

Genres I will not accept:

Sci fi, Horror (I will never, ever read Horror), Self help, Non fiction, Manga and Religious fiction. 

If you want me to review a title that is part of a series, I need to have read the parts of the series that precede the title. I do not read books out of sequence!

Regarding review requests:

- I guarantee that my review will be 100% honest. 

If I do not respond to your review request within a week, it probably means I am not interested. This maybe because I also have a number of reviews due or that the genre/title is just not the right fit for me.

If I agree to read and review your book, I will get to it as soon as I can! I cannot guarantee that the review will appear on a certain date or that a review will be published. But I will do my best to have the review up as soon as I can!

- If it is an ARC, I will do my best to make sure the review is up before or close to the release date.

Formats preferred
  • I prefer hard copies but being an international reviewer (I am from India), I understand how it might be difficult to have a hard copy shipped to me.
  • I also accept electronic copies, the most preferred format being epub. I am okay with the mobi format but I do not prefer pdfs (but I will accept it if it is not available in an alternate format). I find it easier when I can highlight lines I like in the book and make notes which I can do if the book is in epub or mobi.
I give top preference to books on my to-read list and ARCs (when it's close to the release date), after which I will get to other books.

Where I post my reviews:

I post my reviews here, on my blog as well as on goodreads. I will also tweet the link to each of my reviews as and when I post them. If I love the book, I will also post the review on Amazon.

Interviews, guest posts and giveaways!

If you are an author interested in doing an interview or guest post on my blog, do email me about it. I would be thrilled to do author interviews/guest posts! Please do email me a copy of your book ahead of time so that I can maybe post a review of the book!

I am also willing to host giveaways! Just email me the details (regarding format, postage and so on) and I'll get back to you!

Contact: aandhowareyou(at)yahoo(dot)com

Feel free to contact me at any time :)