Thursday 29 December 2011

Follow Friday #2

It's Feature and Follow My Blog #2 for me. Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read!

Question of the Week: The New Year is here -- and everyone wants to know your New Years Blogging Resolution! What are you going to try to revise, revamp and redo for 2012 on your blog?

Ah, let's see. My blog is still two months young and there's a LOT I have to do to keep it going!

-  Get organised. College reopens in two days so I'm going to have way less free time. I need a schedule or I won't be able to post as frequently.
- Post more! Post as muuch as possible each week! 4 times a week would be fab!
- Variety in posts. Keep the memes and the reviews but also post on other book-related things.
- Get connected. Comment more, tweet more and get more out there! I'm pretty involved with commenting but as I said... the focus is on more.
- Keep it fresh! Because I'm still finding my voice.
- Have fun! That goes without saying. The past two months have been a blast so I don't see why next year won't be any less exciting! :)


  1. Wow! I totally agree with you! When college starts again it's gna be hard to keep up with all the postings and commentings! Good luck! I'm kind of scared myself!

    New follower!

    Mine at Feature and Follow Friday #2


  2. I'm there with you when it comes to the memes and reviews. They're all I seem post! I just don't know what else to post that's worth reading, you know? Good luck! :)

  3. New follower! I also want to get more connected with the book blogging community. I really like your background, by the way. It's so nice to see another Indian girl blogging! Looking forward to your reviews. :)

  4. @Ning I know, right? I hope I find time to balance both in a really, really neat way! Thanks for following :D

    @Chey Hahayeah. I'm hoping to shake it up a little more next year!

    @Oh! Paper Pages Thankyou =) It is indeed nice to see another Indian book blogger! :D I was super excited when I read that, haha. Thanks for the follow. I'm checking out your blog now!

  5. Variety in posts is sometimes hard for me because I want to make sure that I keep my blog a book focused blog. I will be interested to see what ideas you come up with for other posts. :)


  6. You have some great resolutions. Time is definitely an issue, I try to post at least 4 times a week but life often gets in the way! New follower. If you'd like to pay me a visit, I'm over at http:\\

  7. Hopping through. I think the best way to post four times a week is to have a backlog of reviews. I'm still posting reviews that I wrote months ago. That helps make the time constraint easier.
    My Hop

  8. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Following you back. =)

  9. I love your about me! New follwer! I look forward to reading your blog!

  10. Old Follower
    Great GOALS!
    xo jade@

  11. Great goals! I like the part about finding your voice - I am too! Thx for visiting me (I'm so late getting out and about today!)
    New follower!!
    Kristin @myparahangover

  12. Thanks for stopping by! Definitely some great resolutions to make :)

  13. I'm a new follower, catching up on FF.

    I'm also a new blogger--just started in October. I share similar goals for my blog, but most of all, I want to keep it fun. I don't want it to feel like an obligation, if you know what I mean.

  14. Great resolutions! You seem very optimistic! :D

    Xpresso Reads

  15. Thanks for stopping by! These are great resolutions! I'm still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts too. It really must have gotten lost in the mail right??

    Amy @ Following The Reader

  16. @Amy Thanks for stopping by! And haha, that's what I tell myself every day! I'm sure it got lost in the mail x_x


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