Tuesday 20 March 2012

TMST#4: On my favourite book heroines!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is an awesome meme hosted by Cambria Hebert!

This week's question:

Who is your favorite heroine in a book? (Okay you can name more than one)

Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables

Anne was one of my first fave book heroines. It's been a while since I've read Anne of Green Gables but I remember being extremely annoyed by Anne in the first few chapters. She talked a lot and well, that's all I remember. But after that, wow, I loved how spirited she was! Towards the end of the book, I came to love and respect her. I still do!

Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars 

I liked her from the beginning! From her obsession with An Imperial Affliction  to the way she cared about what would happen to her parents more than she cared about what would happen to herself. She was so strong and sweet and she made me laugh! Hazel was someone I grew to respect and really made an impact on me.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series

There is something to be said about Katniss's resilience! I loved how she always fights back relentlessly and is so gutsy and determined! I particularly liked her at the end of Mockingjay. The way she came out of everything that happened was admirable.

Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series

There is no stopping Rose Hathaway! She is so badass and awesome. I also love how she started out as this really impulsive person who had absolutely no control over herself and grew up into someone I felt really proud of!

Anna from Anna and the French Kiss

'Cause she's simply adorable! Anna has her head on her shoulders and I love her little quirks. 


  1. Oh yes Pooja, Great picks I love Anne and Emily, did you read the Emily books? They are great. I love Emily just a bit more. Of course Katniss seems to be on everyone's list. I love Rose oh and Dimitri...sigh...
    Anna and Etienne are just too cute. Great picks. Glad you love Scarlet as well :)

  2. HI THERE! :) Nice to meet you!

    Wow, I feel like a fail Canadian because I've never read Anne of Green Gables. Hey though, maybe I'll get to it someday... I love spirited heroines and it's always kind of adorable if they're younger!

    AND NOT EVEN JUST A FAIL CANADIAN. I AM A FAIL NERDFIGHTER TOO. I haven't read this yet :( I own it, but I haven't read it. I keep hearing wonderful things though and Hazel sounds like such a strong character to go through what she does with her personality staying awesome.

    Katnisssssss! <3 Yes, I LOVE her. Actually, I thought she was ridiculous when I first started reading THG. I also thought she was pretty horrible to Peeta (MY POOR PEETA) but then that quickly turned into admiration and appreciation. She just rocks.

    ROSE <3 I loved her from the beginning even though you're so right -- totally impulsive. Watching her grow through the series but still retaining that sense of humour and adventure was great. Plus, she's such an amazing friend to Lissa. Love her!

    Anna is adorable :) Just that whole book makes me SMILE SMILE SMILE! Anna was fab.

    Awesome picks! <3


  3. O_O

    My comment looks massive on your page LOL.

  4. I have heard so much about Anna and the French Kiss! I must read this book! I have also not read Vampire Academy yet either!!!
    I like the classics you chose as well, like Anne of Green Gables.
    Katniss was on my list too! She is a fabulous character!! Thanks for being part of TMST!

  5. The Fault In Our Stars is in my TBR pile, I really need to make an effort to get to it soon! It sounds just wonderful.

    Great choices!!

    Anna and the French Kiss is one of my favorite books!

  6. ^First of all: You've gotta love Sonia -- that girl is so awesome! <3 x)

    Secondly: Oh my sweet goodness, Ajoop, those are all such AMAZING heroine picks!! Having an awesome heroine that I can either admire or connect with from square one is always one of the most important parts of an awesome book for me (dislike heroines = dislike book), so I'm really loving this week's question!

    Katniss! Rose! Anna! <-- Imagine all three of those girls together on one team! Not only would they be the most bad-ass, but they would also be so much fun! x) And I still need to start reading The Fault in Our Stars now so I can meet & love Hazel too. I don't think I know a single person who has disliked that book! I've got my tissue box ready for when I start! ;)

    Have an amazing Tuesday, awesome Ajoop! <3 :)

  7. Ajoop, you have such good taste and I really admire it! <3 I mean.. Anne, Katniss, and Rose? They're also on my list of favorite heroines ever!

    I love Anne, her imagination is wonderful and her story is very inspiring! I agree that at first, she talks too much, but she grows up a lot throughout the book and ends up a real lady! I remember that she's really stubborn too, but her determination on her study is amazing and she's really an inspiration for me! <3

    Katniss and Rose are amazing kickass heroines, and I LOVE it that they can defend themselves just fine! They both broke my heart a few times, especially when Rose finally chooses the wrong guy (in my opinion :P), but there's no question that they are one of the most amazing fictional heroines ever! x)

    I haven't got the chance to meet Anna or Hazel yet, but I heard their books are amazing and I look forward to meet them! :)

    Awesome post, Ajoop! <3

  8. I love, loved, loved Anne of Green Gables...and of course of love Katniss! Awesome choices :)

  9. @Heidi Yayy for the Rose and Anna love! I haven't read the Emily books. You make me want to :D I luhhve Scarlett xD

    @Sonia Mimi's right, you're all kinds of awesome :D it's so great to meet you! Thanks for the awesomely massive comment XD massive is amazing <3 haha! You MUST read Anne of Green Gables and TFIOS ASAP! All the Anne books are adorable! I love Anne :) And The Fault in Our Stars- you MUST read it immediately! I was gasping at how great it was when I reached the last page. Hazel is definitely someone I liked from the very beginning!

    And Katnisss! At one point in Mockingjay I was veryy pissed with the way she treated Peeta but she is so determined and strong. Rose is sucha well developed character! And I know Anna in the French Kiss- bestest YA contemp ever!

    @Cambria you must read Anna and VA :) they are both amazing books and fun reads! :D

    @Kindlemom thanks for stopping by :) I agree, Anna is awesome! And TFIOS is amazing <3

    @Mimi OMG Mimi, imagining Rose, Anna and Katniss in one team makes me smile! Agreed, they would be so badass and fun together :D I hope you enjoy meeting Hazel! You're definitely gonna use up all the tissues but it'll be so worth it <3 can't wait for your review!

    @Hilda Awww, I'm glad we have the same taste in heroines :D Katniss, Anne and Rose are all so awesome :D I know, I just remembered Anne's determination in doing well in school! So admire her! You'll definitely enjoy meeting Hazel and Anna! I liked them from the very beginning xD happy reading, Hilda and as always, it's awesome when you stop by! XD

    @kimba88 Anne and Katniss are awesomeness :D thanks for stopping by!

  10. @Sonia *whoops, I mean Anna AND the French Kiss


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