Friday 8 March 2013

Cover Feature: Double Click by Lisa Becker

It's going to take a while until I'll be fully active on the blog. But I'm still reading. A lot.

And it's still awesome.

And I wish I could post reviews in between last-minute assignments and project submissions and tests... but somehow, that doesn't seem to be happening in my final month of college.

Till then, I thought I'd do a belated cover feature of Double Click by Lisa Becker, sequel to the breezily quirky Click! I remember feeling giddy and excited when I heard there was a sequel. I had assumed it was a standalone and was kind of thrown off by all the loose ends! So here we go...

Click! An Online Love Story Facebook Page for updates on Double Click!

Don't you love the cover? It's equal parts sassy and light... just like the series! I found the first book, Click, to be "a quick, fun and witty read. To be fair, it's the kind of story that even if I've read a dozen times in a dozen different perspectives, I'd never get bored of. "

Judging the book by its (back)cover... I am absolutely psyched for another cyber dating spree! The best part? This time, it looks like Mark, my favourite character from Click who persuades Renee to get into the whole online dating game with him, gets some action too!

All right, have a nice weekend everybody <3


  1. This does sound like a cute series, and I'm glad the first one wasn't a stand-alone since you obviously want more.

    good luck with school. I'm trying to keep up with blogging too, but it's my last semester, and school is HECTIC.

  2. I love this cover! I haven't read the first book yet but I like the sound of this series.

    And it's completely understandable that work might get in the way of blogging. I really is hard to keep up sometimes! Good luck with everything, though. x

  3. The cover is definitely eye-catching! <3 I adore love keyboard button - making mental list to find them somewhere for my laptop LOL. ;) Thank you for making me aware of this series, Pooja! This sounds like a very cute read. :)

    Anyway, no worries about the blogging! I'm worse blogger than you, hah. (Not that I'm proud of it, but well... you can be rest assured that I claim the title already) Good luck with your college, sweetie! <3 Hoping to see you more in the blogosphere when the real life isn't as hectic as before anymore. <3 :)

  4. Thanks for the support Pooja. I so appreciate your enthusiasm. Best, Lisa Becker

  5. Just finished it ... it's cute :)


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