Thursday 23 February 2012

Feature and Follow: Follow Friday #6

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Question of the week: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most.

I mostly read in bed but sometimes I also read in the couch in front of the TV upstairs or curled up in the sofa downstairs. Anywhere comfy where I can curl up in a comfortable position and get lost in the story will do! I love reading downstairs when it's raining, especially. The sound of the rain hitting against the window is so soothing! I don't have the right pictures but here is one of the window near the sofa.


  1. I definitely agree about the rain...nothing more soothing. :)

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    Book Bound

  2. I love the view! And reading when it is raining is definitely soothing :)

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  3. So pretty the view in your pic!! I love listening to it rain as well....I love the rain though, absolutely love the atrium pic above!:)

    Happy Friday!:)
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  4. Great post!! New Follower here YAY!! Your pic is so pretty.

    Ali @Ali's Bookshelf

  5. it's interesting... normally the sound of the rain makes me antsy but i make an exception for when it comes to reading as well. strange...
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    new subscriber :) I look forward to reading more! happy friday!

  6. I agree, reading to the sound of rain is so nice and relaxing.

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  7. Rain is oddly soothing while reading. Following.

    Preet @ AWR

  8. I love rain, it is soothing. I can't read while its raining though because it puts me to sleep :) Thanks for the follow, I followed back!

  9. by a window, nice!! :-) Lovin' the pix.

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  10. That seems like a lovely place!

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  11. Great picture. =] Thanks for visiting my FF. =]
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  12. The sound of rain is really relaxing, i agree. Sometimes it puts me to sleep though lol. And snuggling is a must for me as wel lol. Thanks for visiting my blog! New follower as well. Btw, I love your blog layout :)

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following! I agree reading when it's raining is awesome. I love curling up in my bed and reading.

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    Sara @ upon a love story

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  15. Pretty view...thanks for stopping by, returning the follow:)

  16. Thanks for stopping by! I love listening to the rain while I read :)

  17. Reading in the rain is great, especially if it's a ghost story, adds to the mood. Thanks for stopping by and following, Im following back via Linky =D
    Tristan @ Reads With Wreckless Abandon

  18. By the window is lovely, as long as it doesn't get too cold haha.
    Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog btw, AMAZING:)


  19. I also love reading when it rains! Rain is the best music for such intellectual activities.


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