Wednesday 22 February 2012

Why I've been MIA and WoW #2

I'm down with chicken pox, so I'm off college for the next week. There is a bright side... I've been able to catch up with Modern Family and I've been on a book reading binge! It's about time that happened as there are way to many new and old books staring at me from my real and virtual bookshelf, waiting to be read! So far, I've managed to read The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont (Thank you so much, Net-galley and St. Martin's Press for this one! I loved it!), The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (FINALLY) and Good Oil by Laura Buzo (oh my goodness. This was fabulous. There are no words to describe how much I needed to read this book!). 

In some ways, I've never had more fun! I'm looking forward to crossing more books off my TBR list and posting more reviews as soon as I can! Also, it's time for,

Wanderlove by Kristen Hubbard

Expected publication: 
March 13th 2012 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

It all begins with a stupid question:

Are you a Global Vagabond?  
No, but 18-year-old Bria Sandoval wants to be. In a quest for independence, her neglected art, and no-strings-attached hookups, she signs up for a guided tour of Central America—the wrong one. Middle-aged tourists with fanny packs are hardly the key to self-rediscovery. When Bria meets Rowan, devoted backpacker and dive instructor, and his outspokenly humanitarian sister Starling, she seizes the chance to ditch her group and join them off the beaten path.  
Bria's a good girl trying to go bad. Rowan's a bad boy trying to stay good. As they travel across a panorama of Mayan villages, remote Belizean islands, and hostels plagued with jungle beasties, they discover what they've got in common: both seek to leave behind the old versions of themselves. And the secret to escaping the past, Rowan’s found, is to keep moving forward. 
But Bria comes to realize she can't run forever, no matter what Rowan says. If she ever wants the courage to fall for someone worthwhile, she has to start looking back.

Wanderlove sounds like a lot of fun! And I adore the cover! What are you waiting on?


  1. Im so glad this book is coming out soon!!!! Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower!!!

    Here Is my WOW

  2. I've seen a lot of positive reviews about this one.

  3. Great pick! I am so excited for Wanderlove it sounds really fun. I can't wait for March 13!

    Thanks for stopping by my post!
    Traci @ The Reading Geek

  4. Well there is an upside to being sick! Good to hear you get to watch some
    modern family and do some reading! I can't wait to read some of your reviews sounds like you found some great reads. Glad you are feeling better!

  5. I enjoyed Wanderlove and I hope you will, too. :)

  6. hehehehe I chose this one too!!! YAY we're WoW twins :) Great choice! Couldn't agree more :)


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  7. Great choice. I have been wanting to read this also.

  8. Awww, I'm really glad you're feeling better now! Getting the chicken pox always sucks! <3 And LOL I love Modern Family too -- it's such a fun show! x) Gloria is my absolute favourite because she's so ridiculously funny that she always makes me laugh. It's a great show to watch to brighten your day! :)

    Awesome pick for your WOW this week, Ajoop! I can't wait to read Wanderlove either -- it sounds so sweet! ;)

  9. I got chicken pox when I was in elementary school, and I have to offschool for a week! I hope you're okay now, Ajoop! Great pick this week! I have this book and I guess I need to read this soon or the guilt will eat me up! :D

    Thank you for following my blog! Followed your awesome blog back! Get well soon, Ajoop! <3

  10. Oo, sounds like an intriguing read! Definitely goes to my wishlist, so thanks for sharing :) And thanks for stopping by!

    Monaliz @ Mind Reading?

  11. I hope you're feeling better and enjoying your reading time. :)

  12. @Tess Thanks for the follow, Tess :D
    @BookLuvr Mindy I know, I can't wait for it to come out:)
    @Traci I know, it sounds amazing!
    @Heidi Thanks, Heidi! I know, it's certainly great that there is an upside! Reviews should be up soon... I can't wait to post them :D
    @Kah Cherub So glad to hear you enjoyed it! I can't wait to read it!
    @Jaskirat Haha yayy! I'm going over to your stop now!
    @Sandra Thank you. Can't wait!

    @Mimi Thank you so much, Mimi! Haha I know, isn't Gloria hilarious? I love Phil too! He and Lucas crack me up! I just watched another episode. Definitely brightened my day. I have few more left to catch up! And yeah, Wanderlove definitely sounds like a sweet read. Thanks for stopping by <3

    @Hilda Thanks so much for the follow back <3 I'll be on the lookout for your review of Wanderlove. Hope you enjoy reading it :D

    @Monaliz Aww, thanks for stopping by :)
    @Melissa Thank you so much for stopping by! I love the extra reading time :) And feeling much much better, thank you!


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