Wednesday 27 June 2012

I never thought I'd say this but...: On E-books versus paperbacks

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It's that frequently asked question: E-books or paperbacks?

I've always thought paperbacks! I mean, there is nothing like a physical book. It smells amazing and it's great to physically turn the pages. When my copy of The Fault in Our Stars arrived, I couldn't stop squealing after seeing the beautiful book with its beautiful cover font that looked even prettier as a hardback! When I own a physical book, I actually feel like I own it. That's just not the case with an e-book.

But here's the thing... over the past year of having to get e-books out of necessity (if the book I want isn't out in my country, shipping and everything is too pricey... it's better to buy it on my Kindle App), I must have changed my mind about preferring paperbacks without realising it.

Recently, when I was reading a paperback (The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith which was extremely cute!) after months of reading only digital copies:
  • I was itching to highlight quotes or parts of the book that I loved. But I cannot highlight or write stuff on paperbacks. (I could but it would get really messy)
  • I missed adding notes as and when I was reading the book without having to hunt for a notepad
  • I missed checking out the popular highlights which combines the highlights of all Kindle customers and helps in identifying the passages with the most highlights! That feature is pure genius and always makes me feel like I'm reading the book with several other awesomely like-minded people!
  • I felt less comfortable reading a paperback while snacking as opposed to when I was reading on my iPad
  • I missed not having to mark the place where I'd stopped reading. I keep chucking random stuff in my paper book in the place of bookmarks which always ends up falling off or something
  • I missed being able to read even after the lights were switched off
With the exception of paperbacks being nicer to read on the bus or in college (I'm scared I'll misplace my iPad or basic Kindle if I take it out of the house), I think I kind of maybe prefer e-books these days. I have no idea how that happened! I was always sure e-books would never ever win the "paperbacks vs. e-books" battle but for me, it just did!


  1. Oh my gosh, it is as if you're reading my mind, Ajoop! <3 I have no idea how ebook becomes so big in my life! I've always thought that I'm a paperback girl, but when you list your points, I think I might be an ebook reader girl too! x) It's just so easy to bring my ebook reader to family meeting and isn't considered an anti-social because my face is not buried behind a book LOL! :P My cousins always tease me whenever they caught my face buried in a big and heavy-looking book, so ebook reader definitely saves me (plus it looks a bit cooler when you're busy with a gadget :P)! x)

    Awesome discussion post, Ajoop! :)

  2. I can't make up my mind on this! I read more on Ferguson (that would be my Kindle), but when I really REALLY love a book, I need to have a physical copy. As easier as it is with ebooks (especially if you're a reviewer and you make plently of notes), nothing can replace my Wolves of Mercy Falls hardcover box set. Or any of my favorites I like to rearrange and stare at for hours, lol.

  3. Confession: I've always been a paperback girl too, but lately, I feel like e-books are making an epic comeback! They're so much cheaper and you get to have them in your hands faster than your regular three-days-shipping wait. And I it's hard to eat comfortably with a paperback because they never stay open and you feel awful whenever you get chocolate or something on the pages LOL x) And about the random bookmark thing? I do that too!

    P.S. I can't wait to read more of your discussion posts, Ajoop :) I loved this one!

    P.P.S. Isn't the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight the cutest book EVER? x) <3

  4. Awesome post. I just bought an e-reader last night and I'm already thinking about how convenient it is. I would hate to give up reading real books, but it's nice to finally have an e-reader. =)

  5. I love my ebooks...i can take them everywhere and like you on highlight quotes etc.

  6. I actually like both ebooks and paperbacks. I'm sort of an in-between person.

  7. LOL! I totally understand how you feel, Ajoop! I still prefer paperbacks over e-books until now but I'm getting used to the idea of reading books electronically. I guess the thing I like about e-books are they are handy! All you have to do is load your e-readers with books and you don't have to carry many books around!

    Anyway, awesome post, Ajoop! ♥

  8. You have such great points! For me it is 50/50.
    I bath every night and I read a paperback in the bath, then when I get in bed I read on my ereader or iPad. When it is cold, I love propping my iPad against a pillow and just poking out my finger and swiping for a new page - it is perfect!

    So I use and love both equally :)

  9. I used to be the same Ajoop! I loved having physical copies, but now its just not possible, by bookshelf is over flowing so much, and I don't have the space anymore to store so many books. Having a kindle makes life so much easier I can have so many books on the go and if I get tired of a book I can just choose another one straight away, I remember last year when I didn't have a kindle and went on holiday there was me lugging around a bag of books and everyone else just had a kindle! I also love the fact that when I pre-order a book it automatically arrives without me having to leave the house! But sometimes I do love getting physical copies too just because they're so pretty to look at! :)

  10. yeah nothing beats the feel of a physical book but THEY ARE HEAVY! My arms usually fall asleep reading them, haha. Plus, e-books are more convenient. I didn't know that about the popular highlight feature but it sounds super cool.

  11. I still love physical copies, but since I don't live in a country where there are only about a couple of lame bookstores, it's easier for me to use ebooks. Even if they do have books, they have ridiculous prices ! Would you buy a paperback for $25 ? Not me !
    This is a great post, Pooja, and you make some great points. :)

  12. I agree with so many of these points as I've been reading on my iPad more too, you're so right about highlighting, I miss that function when I read actual books!

  13. Yeah, I've totally switched over to reading on my iPad. I prefer it, actually. If there's one thing I don't miss about paperbacks, it's holding the book open. After a few hours, you've gone through every comfortable configuration there is. Plus, you're always messing with it to get the light on the pages just right, with the ipad, it's lit up perfectly no matter what.

    ebooks were an adjustment, but it's the better reading expierence, IMO.

  14. I love this post, Ajoop! I was a very against having a Kindle at first. I didn't think I could ever love anything more than the physical copy of a book. For some favorites, this is still true. But I'm like you, I love the feature of highlighting (especially helpful when writing a review later) it's much better than the sticky note method I use on my physical copies. Also, the dictionary feature is so helpful! You don't have to drag out a big book and leaf through it for a quick definition!

  15. Oh, also, the ability to buy and download a book in seconds is amazing! Especially if you've just finished a book in a series and want to read the next one ASAP. :)

  16. I am so with you! It was the easy ability to take notes and highlight that really won me over too. I feel like it helps with writing reviews. Great post!


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