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Review: Torn (Trylle Trilogy #2) by Amanda Hocking

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The second book in this page-turning trilogy from the phenomenal Amanda Hocking
Acknowledging that she was different from everyone else wasn’t difficult for Wendy Everly – she’d always felt like an outsider. But a new world and new family is a hard for any girl to accept easily.
Leaving behind the mysterious country of her birth, she is determined to fit back into normal life. But the world she’s left behind won’t let her go that easily. Kidnapped and imprisoned by her true family’s enemies, Wendy soon learns that the lines between good and evil aren’t as defined as she thought. And those things she’d taken for granted may have been lies all along. With the help of the dangerously attractive Loki, she escapes back to the safety of Förening – only to be confronted by a new threat.
It’s time to make a choice – can she put aside her personal feelings for the sake of her country? Torn between duty and love she must make a choice that could destroy her one chance at true happiness.


There is something about this series that completely enchants me! Switched was a great read and somehow, Torn managed to be even better! 

For one, I love reading about the trolls in Forening, otherwise called Trylle. Especially since in between training with Tove and the pangs Wendy is left with from her encounters with Finn in the palace, Wendy seems to have grown up. I loved how gradual the growth was. How as it became apparent that her birth mother, Elora's days are numbered, Wendy starts realising that as future Queen, she would have to make decisions that aren't exactly in conjunction with her heart.

I liked that we also got acquainted with the Vittra people and learned about Wendy's links with them. Learning more about the history between the Vittra and Trylle was certainly interesting. Especially since in the process I got to meet Loki! ❤ I loved him and Wendy together and I certainly hope he's back to cause more trouble very soon!

I couldn't get enough of Torn as it was overflowing with back story and subplots concerning almost every character I wished to know better after Switched... whether it was Finn, Finn's father, Elora or Matt. I also adored Wendy's new tracker, Duncan who was another fun person whose presence throughout the book could've been annoying but was anything but.

The ending was absolutely heartbreaking. It took my breath away and I cannot wait to read Ascend, which I hope will be a magical conclusion to this fantastic series. This book was amazing, especially since it took place in a world I would love to be a part of. I loved the characters, subplots, plot twists and all the growth seen in the sequel and my expectations for Ascend (Trylle Trilogy #3) have just skyrocketed!

Publication date: 1st March, 2012
Publisher: Tor
Source: Bought

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Nice review. I didn't really know anything about this series, but it sounds interesting. and Loki, the god of mischeif, Loki? That would be awesome. I just really enjoy the name Loki in general though. haha


  2. Oh so glad you liked it, Ajoop! I really enjoyed this book too and agree that Loki was an interesting character to read about. I hope you enjoy the next book! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that. :)

  3. I haven't read this series yet, but I've heard a lot of great things! :) I'm glad you liked this book, Ajoop. It definitely sounds like a fabulous read. All the characters sound awesome. I hope the concluding book is even better than the first two! :) Wonderful review, Ajoop! <3

  4. I've seen this series around quite a lot but have never felt the urge to pick it up! But seeing as you've loved it so much, I think I may have to! I hate it when books keep you hanging especially with heartbreaking endings, I hope you don't have to wait to long to get your hands on the next copy! Great review Ajoop! :)

  5. I just got all three books on audio and am about to start them. I was a little afraid to, paranormal YA is hit or miss these days, so it makes me feel so much better that you like the series so much. I never saw this cover before, and I love it, but I have to admit that I like the other one better.
    Wonderful review! Thanks for giving me the final push.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed this installment even more than you enjoyed the first one! Loki seems like a really interesting character. Now that I've read your review, I wonder if I should give the first book a try all over again since I didn't enjoy it too much.
    Great review, Pooja ! I hope the next book is even better!

  7. Lovely review like always, Ajoop! <3 I REALLY NEED to start reading this! I heard that Wendy is not exactly likable in the first book so I think I'm going to have hard time getting into the story. But maybe I should give it a go this Summer. I love all things fairy-like kingdom! x)

  8. Seriously, why haven't I read this series? I bought these ebooks in 2009 when they were all $.99 and still havn't read them. Now I am going to be kicking myself when I get to them. A breathtaking ending, huh!? Wow!

  9. Very interesting. I didn't care for the first book at all, sadly. Really wanted to like it, because I'm a troll girl. Hrm.

  10. Oooo this looks awesome! I'll have to put this series on my to-read list. Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower by the way! :)

  11. EEEEE! I'm so glad you enjoyed this more than Switched, Ajoop! I liked Switched but I liked Torn even more! Wendy completely developed from the first book and I love Loki's appearance in Torn. He was very charming and sweet! Absolutely can't wait for you to read Ascend! The series just keeps getting better and better! ;)

    Awesome review, Ajoop! <3 So glad you enjoyed it!

  12. I have the first book in this series. I really must read it after hearing how much you love this series. Wonderful review Ajoop! :)


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