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Review: Download Drama by Celeste O. Norfleet

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Some people stand back when problems crop up. Kenisha Lewis steps up. And there's a lot that needs fixing, from her family's money worries to the run-down dance studio where she works part-time.When the promo she makes for a dance studio fundraiser goes viral, Kenisha can't believe the response. Who'd have guessed she'd become the latest YouTube sensation—or be asked to star in a video with rapper Taj? And now, Taj wants Kenisha to become her protégée, promising money and fame. Problems solved, right? Not quite. Her exciting new career is taking time away from school, family, friends and her boyfriend, Terrence.… Kenisha is sure she's this close to having what she's always wanted. But how much is she willing to give up to get it?


I really enjoyed reading Download Drama because it was just the kind of book I needed to read after an extremely hectic week and reading options that had kind of become the norm as of late. While nothing spells exciting more than a unique and literally out-of-this-world premise, sometimes you need something that keeps you grounded. It's impossible to say just how much I loved getting to know Kenisha Lewis!

In Download Drama, the protagonist, Kenisha, has a lot on her plate. Other than family issues that run deep and problems she has with people in school, there's the video of her practising in the dance studio which wasn't even supposed to have been taken in the first place that goes viral. Kenisha is now a YubeTube sensation and her fifteen minutes of fame also lands her an offer to dance in a music video with rapper Taj who given everything that's been said and heard about her, cannot possibly mean well. Throw in a pretty awesome boyfriend as well as attention from one of the most popular guys in school and you have way too much drama, or do we?

I was surprised at how well grounded Kenisha was. She definitely has her head on her shoulders! Sure, she isn't always that level headed. But for the most part, she tackles situations as they come and at times, shows maturity beyond her years. She is also extremely talented and of course she bursts with happiness when everyone else gets to see how good a dancer she is, though she is initially annoyed when the video of her at the dance studio is out and goes viral. Yet at times, there she is, like every other teenager, engaging in petty fights, angst and the usual high school drama! I love how she could be any other teenager! While I am nothing like her, I know people like her and they are people I'd gladly be friends with.

Download Drama also deals with moving on from grief, family conflict and explores the intricacies of fame. I loved its simple and fluid pace. It was easy to love this book as it was so high school; give or take a few relationships. This book is my normal. At the same time, it did remind me of how shallow and superficial we could sometimes be in high school. While the conclusion was more than satisfactory, there were a couple of loose ends that had me wondering if this book was a series. That was when I found out there were other Kenisha Lewis books that took place before this one, including Pushing Pause and Fast Forward. Oops?

I've never read books out of sequence but I didn't find it confusing or anything to jump right into Download Drama. I'm guessing reading the other books of the series first would've maybe given me more insights into these characters. I am planning to read the other books when I get the chance. It's the kind of series I wouldn't mind investing in! I'm also waiting for a possible next book about Kenisha Lewis because I must know what happened to these lovely characters!

If you're looking for something real, a little light yet with enough substance and personality, do not hesitate to pick up Download Drama. It has some great characters and story lines that are dealt with sensitively!

Publication date: 24th April, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: NetGalley

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. Oh, Ajoop, somehow this reminds me of old books like Baby Sitter club when the character always has too much things on her plate LOL! Kenisha sounds like a great character I'm going to love, because when you become famous, it must be very hard to stay on the ground! x) I think kenisha's stories can be turned into teenage tv series like Hannah Montana, but it's just me imagining! xD *sorry, I just woke up*

    Amazing review, Ajoop! Soo glad you enjoyed this book! Have a lovely weekend! <3

  2. Good review, though not a book of my kind.

  3. @Hilda Haha, I LOVED Kenisha's stint with fame because everything about it was so realistic!! And aww at the thought of it becoming a TV series like Hannah Montana! You're so adorable, Hilda xD Hope you have a great weekend too :)

    @Harish Haha. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Honestly this doesn't sound like something I would normally pick up but after your review it sounds like one I should give a look too. Still my TBR is out of control so I probably won't. Great review, I am glad you found a nice litle escape. Sometimes you definitely need a break from the dark dystopian as well.

  5. My TBR for the next week is out-of-control too! It's going to take a lot of organisation to get the reviews out on time. DD was an awesome little escape :) I know, I think we've discussed this before... too many dystopians cannot be read together! Have a great week, Heidi <33


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