Tuesday 10 April 2012

TMST#5: On book boyfriends!

Tell Me Something Tuesday is an awesome meme hosted by Cambria Hebert!

This week's question:

Who are your book boyfriends? 

It all started with Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Because Weasley is my king!

And then came Owen from Just Listen

Let's face it, all the Dessen boys are to die for! They are charming and make your heart race! I liked Owen from Just Listen the best, though. He was so patient and cute. I LOVED how ridiculously passionate he was about music and how his enthusiasm is infectious. And the way he tackled his anger issues! Definite book boyfriend material!

Marcus Flutie from Sloppy Firsts had me at "I won't narc on you, cuz"

I swooned when he said those words to Jessica! I love Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series and Marcus, who started out as someone with a total bad boy rep, was one of the reasons why! (It's been a while since I've made a fuss over Marcus Flutie!!!! I'm totally STFYGSUHSGSY-ing right now!)

Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games series slowly worked his way into my heart!

At first I was Team Gale. Then halfway through Mockingjay, something happened. I became enamoured with The Boy With The Bread and what became of him. Katniss is in good hands!

Cricket Bell, illustration
by Simini Blocker
And who can forget Cricket Bell from Lola and the Boy Next Door?

Tall, geeky and perfectly sweet... Cricket Bell, you make my heart melt! 

“Lola?" Cricket is on his knees at the side of my bed. I feel it. "I'm here," he whispers. "You can talk to me or not talk to me, but I'm here.”

Enter Adrian Ivashkov from the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series. I was instantly smitten!

“Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection." he paused to reconsider that. "Well, except for my parents. They got it on the first try."

Aside from being EXTREMELY hot and loving his snark, I love how in the end, Adrian can be extremely caring and considerate! Adrian makes me swoon. I cannot wait for The Golden Lily!

Other swoon-worthy fictional characters

Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road
Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss
Thomas Mackee from The Piper's Son
Ed aka Shadow from Graffiti Moon
Four from Divergent
Gavriel Duval from Grave Mercy

Book boyfriends spoil you for life, don't they? ♥ Who are your favourite fictional hotties?


  1. I agree, I love all the men in the Dessen books I have read so far! She definitely knows how to write them!
    Great choices!!

  2. I agree that book boyfriends spoil you for life. LOL Love all of your choices! I really can't wait to meet Cricket. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Wowza!! Those are some men right there! Lol. I love Peeta!!! I disnt add to my list but i should have. He makes my heart pitter patter!!! Lol. Thanks for joining in TMST!!!

  4. I definitely agree with you all the Dessen boys especially Owen!
    As well as Peeta and Four.
    *sigh* If only they were real :D
    -martha :D

  5. Ahhhh!
    I agree with ALL the boys you chose! <3 <3 <3
    Well, except maybe Gavriel, Jonah, Thomas and Marcus. That's only because I've never read the books that they are in! :P
    Judging from your choices, I'm pretty sure I'll love them too! :D

    Yes, I have to agree. These book boyfriends have ruined my life. Completely.

    Great choices, girly !

  6. Pooja your list goes on and on, I love it! So many good choices and so many men that I have yet to meet. I must research more. I agree about Adrian, he was so funny in Bloodlines. Thanks so much for sharing your juicy list of hunks.

  7. Oh my gosh, Swoon City, here I come! <3 I LOVE your list of book boyfriends, Ajoop! I've only met three out of millions of Dessen boys before but I'm planning on rendezvous-ing with more of them soon, ESPECIALLY Owen now that you've mentioned him. And Peeta, Cricket, and Adrian are all PERFECT choices -- loved them all so much too! One boy on your list that I couldn't believe I forgot is FOUR. Oh sweet goodness, with how much I've been gushing about the release of Insurgent, you'd think I'd remember him first! x)

    Amazing book boyfriend list, Ajoop! It's not surprising that we have such similar taste in boys at all! ;) <3

  8. I AGREE all the way with Cricket, Adrian, Ed... I really have to work on my own list of book boyfriends. It seems like it'll be fun!

    And I would also add Adam from Shatter Me, Tucker from Unearthly, Will from Firelight... and the list goes on and on, of course :)

    Great choices! I'll take notes on the books I still haven't read as potential book boyfriend material!

  9. I am embarrassed to say that the only 2 I recognize from your list are Peeta and Ron, but I also love them both so I now feel like I must read some of these books.

    Oh, but on your honorable mention, Four would totally be my book boyfriend, even though he would totally think I was a square because I am a HUGE chicken and not in the least bit daring.

    Great post and awesome choices!

    Darlene @ Leather Bound and Lovely

  10. Owen, Adrian, and Peeta? OMG Ajoop, I know that we're somehow destined LOL! These boys are fictional guys I love MOST LOL! x)

    Peeta! Swoon! <3 I am Team Peeta since the very start, and I'm happy that Katniss finally chooses him! It would break my heart if she ends up with Gale. Wait, who's Gale? :P

    Owen! It's a wonder that I can fall in love to a guy whom I see only in a single book LOL! I admire how much he loves music, and he inspires me to listen to music I've never listened to (like Techno! I can't stand Techno music. Found out I still can't LOL!) <3

    Adrian... he's one of my first book crushes. He has bad boy vibe and I love how much he can be cynical but still manages to be deadly cute (and hot) LOL! Last Sacrifice just broke my heart. :(

    I haven't read Lola and the The Boy Next Door but I sure will! Marcus is very cute in his own way too! <3 Awesome answers, Ajoop! <3

    Sorry for the long comment! :P

  11. @Kindlemom I know! I cannot wait for the new Dessen book :D

    @Erin Cricket is great! Can't wait for you to meet him as well xD

    @Cambria Peeta pitter patter, LOL! I love how that sounds. I looove Peeta too <3

    @martha I know, right? So wish they were real! Especially OWEN. And FOUR!!

    @Nick Haha, they are all such hotties, can't wait for you to meet them! I know, they totally kill reality! Agh. YA boys are awesome!

    @Heidi Aww, haha! I know, Adrian is awesome. I can't wait for The Golden Lily! I could not get enough of VA and now I cannot get enough of the Bloodlines series!

    @Mimi It was indeed Swoon City the whole of Tuesday! Book boyfriend lists <3 I agree, Dessen boys are the best :D And I cannot WAIT for Insurgent!! Four is so wow! It's great that we have the same taste in YA boys, Mimi. xD

    @Sophie It's so much fun!! I've heard such great things about Adam from Shatter Me and TUCKER! I can't wait to meet them! So gonna read those books this summer!

    @Darlene Haha, I wouldn't belong in Dauntless as well! But Four is perfection!!

    @Hilda Hildaa. Long comments are AWESOME :D It's so great that you love Owen as much as I do! I can't stand techno either, lol, but I love how passionate Owen is towards it and how he sticks up for it =p He's so cute! And Peeta and Adrian are ah-mazing. Swoon is the word xD

    I'm sure you'll love Cricket, Hilda! I just know! Can't wait for you to meet him some day xD And yeah, Marcus Flutie was one of my first serious book crushes :P

  12. YES YES YES YES YES! I feel the need to comment on each boy so let's see...

    Ron Weasley: Well, if I've only read the first book but I can get how anyone would love Ron! He's funny but kind and awesome. I'd probably fell for Harry instead of Ron but still, I definitely want a bestfriend like Ron!

    Owen: OH YES! I love how Owen loves to listen to music and although I love Wes from The Truth about Forever more (HE IS MY ALLTIME FAVOURITE DESSEN CHARACTER!), I still love Owen too!

    Marcus: I have never heard of him and but I do know Jessica Darling series! I've heard great things about it so I definitely have to read the books and see who this Marcus Ajoop loves is! ;)

    Peeta: Oh goodness, who wouldn't love Peeta? He is so AWESOME. I have always been Team Peeta when reading the trilogy but when I saw Liam playing Gale in the movie, I sort of want to be Team Gale as well XP But no, I must not sway. I WILL ALWAYS BE TEAM PEETA! ♥

    Cricket: YES YES YES! 1 million times YES! I LOVE CRICKET. He's TALL, his hair points to the sky, he's geeky (in a VERY cute way), he invents things and his surname? So AMAZING. But, I love Etienne more! ;)

    Adrian: *sigh* I LOVE ADRIAN. When I read the VA series, I am Team Dimitri because I do want Rose to end up with Dimitri. He's perfect for her. But I don't want to see Adrian broken-hearted. I'm glad that he is the main character in Bloodlines and although I haven't read it (because I'm keeping it closer to the release date of The Golden Lily), I know I'll definitely love him!

    Jonah Griggs: My ALLTIME favourite Marchetta character EVER! Oh goodness, everytime I think of Jellicoe Road, I can't stop thinking about Jonah. He's so AMAZING! ♥

    Etienne St. Clair: My alltime favourite fictional character from contemporary books! I'm still in love with Etienne until now. His I-Pretend-I-Don't-Care-But-I-Really-Do hair, his BRITISH accent, his love for history, how he can speak French makes him so SWOON-WORTHY! ♥

    Thomas Mackee: Oh Thomas, I LOVE HIM so much too! I didn't notice Tom a lot in Saving Francesca but I love him in The Piper's Son. I love his relationship with Tara. He's so hilarious sometimes!

    Ed: OH Shadow, how I love you and your artworks. LOVE HIM! ♥

    Four: My alltime favourite fictional character from dystopian books. FOUR IS THE COOLEST NAME EVER. After reading Divergent, Four is officially my favourite number. I just finished Insurgent yesterday and FOUR IS SO AMAZING and AWESOME! ♥

    Gavriel Duval: I NEED to read Grave Mercy! I've been hearing great things about the book and the amazing Gavriel so hopefully I can read it soon!

    Sorry for the lengthy comment! I just can't help but comment on each book boyfriends! XP

    Awesome list, Ajoop! ♥

  13. Celine, you are so AMAZING!! ♥ It's so great that you're as crazy about these boys as I am! Of course, no one can surpass your obsession with Etienne xD I see your twitter pic has a different "I love Etienne" picture, hehe :D In black marker pen!!!

    And yeah, Ron's a great best friend! And I realised what an awesome boyfriend he'd make only after the fifth book or something! YAY for the Harry Potter love! Tell me you're reading the other books soon xD

    I like Wes too! But Owen seemed more... real to me!!! They are both amazing, though! Shadow, Tom Mackee and Jonah Griggs are too amazing for words! Especially Tom, who I started noticing in The Piper's Son as well- I didn't care about him as much in Saving Francesca! Gotta love anything Melina Marchetta creates! Eee ♥

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE GOLDEN LILY. It's so cool that you get to read Bloodlines and The Golden Lily back-to-back! It lacks the VA vibe but it's pretty awesome! And hurray for Team Peeta! You really must read Grave Mercy and the Jessica Darling series as well! Both are soo good!

    Thanks SO much for stopping by, Celine. Your comment made me smile, it's so full of awesome :D


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