Friday 6 April 2012

Feature and Follow: Follow Friday #7

 Feature and Follow is a weekly blog hop hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read!

Question of the week: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

Um, not really. I couldn't really say that. But I have bought a lot of books in spite of the bad reviews they have gotten. There might be a book with really bad reviews and just few good reviews and I might still buy it because the plot sounds amazing or I'd read anything that particular author writes! And you know what? There are some books with mostly-bad reviews that I have really liked, so it has paid off.

Generally though, even if a book has received rave reviews, I still like to check out the few 2 star reviews it has gotten because that gives me more realistic expectations and I'm more ready to read the book!

What about you?

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  1. Yeah, I'm the same way. I don't pay too much attention to the bad reviews :)

  2. I tend to go by the reviews of people I trust. If they give it a bad review then odds are it's not for me. However if they give it a great review...that's normally a good sign. But if it's a favorite author I'll read it despite (not because of) anything.

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  3. Hey Pooja! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was just exploring, and let me say I love your blog format :D And another Desi blogger!

  4. Hi there, thanks for stopping by :) I've also never bought a book because of a bad review.

  5. LOL I know, right? x) I've bought books in spite of bad reviews too, but never because of them -- although, just like you, I still DO buy books even if they do have a few not-so-positive reviews because there will always be people who don't love each book, no matter how much a lot of people do! :)

    Amazing answer, Ajoop!! I hope you have a FANTASTIC Easter weekend! :) <3

  6. I have bought a book because of a bad review, because the things the person said she wouldn't like I thought I would like to it paid off!! Great answer :D
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    Have a great day!!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now too!

    Sometimes the people who liked the book liked it for reasons I don't generally like books. So then it has the opposite effects. For me anyway.

  8. I know what you mean. I like the way that Amazon highlights the "most helpful critical review" as well as the 5-star ones :)

    Following from FF - sorry it's taken me a while to get round to you! It's my first week joining in, I hope you might have time to visit my FF post.


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